I got the idea for Allerzy when I picked up an "allergy-free" cookbook. I looked at the recipe for fried rice. The author substituted in asparagus (which I'm allergic to) and substituted out eggs (which I'm not allergic to). How could this recipe be helpful to me? It had substituted out things I loved, and substituted in things that would make me sick.

Is it the author's fault? No, of course not. Every person with allergies has their own unique set of allergies -- it's like a fingerprint. A single recipe can never be safe for every allergic person -- it's impossible! Moreover, even within one person, his or her allergies change over time. That log cake I ate at Christmas may put me in the hospital in July.

Your allergies are as unique as you are. Food should be tailored to you, not to a generic "nut-free" or "gluten-free" label.


Allerzy replaces allergenic foods with substitutes from our database of food substitutions, and uses a mathematical algorithm to determine how good of a match each is for your particular recipe.


Front-End & Back-End Developer: codenymph (codenymf@gmail.com)
Some food data was gathered from FoodFacts and Allrecipes, and the overhead food image is from FoodiesFeed.